“What the *eff* are you doing?!”

We have been really fortunate that the general reaction to our *news* has not been the quote in the title above, but I have no doubt it might have been a thought running through some people’s minds (*cough*).

Oh yeah, our *news* — you might be reading this because our Facebook post led you here, but as many, if not all of you know, we have been living and working in Singapore for just over 4 years now. We’re keen to go back to Australia, but as with most Aussies, we love to travel!


So, we are taking time off from work worries (i.e., take a period of voluntary unemployment), and embarking on a dream adventure. For me, I’ve never had the opportunity to “take time off” or a “gap year” (as is a rite of passage for many Aussies, Brits, Americans, etc, the world over). But for me, a gap year was not really an option (haha). So, this is me, finally doing it!

Where are we going?

The USA and Japan! 8 weeks in the wonderful USA, and 3 weeks in amazing Japan, to be precise. The adventure starts on 16 August 2016. And we will be back in Singapore early-November, and then back in Sydney by mid-November (ish).

You will see to the left << over there somewhere, a handy list of our planned locations. Some of it is still in planning stages and we welcome all suggestions!

I’ve always had a dream to spend a long stretch in Disney World so that is locked in, and seriously, thinking about Disney, has me super excited. On this trip, we will hit 3 Disneylands (OMGZ) — Walt Disney World Orlando, Disneyland LA, and Disneyland/ DisneySea, Tokyo!

You can earn money back, but you can never earn back time.

This is a little quote that I had come up with to give us a bit of perspective. It is so easy to get caught up in the race to climb and climb up the ladder, but you don’t want to turn around one day and wonder where your time went. I’ve been thinking about this one a lot as we came to our decision to do this trip, and who knows what we discover while we’re away. It is inevitable that we are of course looking towards family planning, scary life stuff, and all that, and we’d been thinking that once we get caught in that race; we might not get a chance to do our dream adventure. Honestly, after talking to many colleagues, friends, about what we’re planning, many agree that embarking on a trip is a dream but with where life is — kids, mortgages, etc, it isn’t much of an option for them anymore. And we didn’t want to *wait* for what we perceived is the right time – there may never be a “right” time, and perhaps when we feel the time is finally right, we might not be able to do the same things that we wanted to do years and years ago.

Why the blog?

We thought about this one a lot. Many of you know that I do enjoy writing, taking photos, drawing/ painting, etc. And to be honest, I haven’t had a lot of time to “be creative” and I really miss it. So that is one of the intentions of the blog – to give me something to write about, draw things, take photos of things — and share them with you!

For Michael, he’s planning to film lots of fun little videos to share adventures with you — think of POV videos while on rollercoasters, and the like! 🙂

In summary, we want to get back in touch with our creative endeavours and share them here.

How regular will the posts be?

We’re going to try and start blogging before we head off on our trip! Such as updates on how the planning is going, but also write posts about the travels we have planned before The Big Trip (haha yes, we don’t stop travelling and have a number of weeks before August to still see  more of Asia!).


Feel free to ask us any questions! Comment below, or contact us through one of the various channels that you’re connected to us with.

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