Daily Challenges to Inspire


It’s all getting very real now – as I write this, the countdown for our Big Adventure is at 16 days —– ahhh! There is so much left to do – still a few things to plan, and the largest task looming is packing up all of our belongings to ship back to Australia. Yikes!

As I mentioned in my first post, we want to use the blog to try and bring creative back into our lives. Michael and I have been discussing how we want to do this during our trip and decided that we want to try and set a daily challenge for ourselves. His daily challenge = to upload a little video of something we experienced that day. For me = to draw something (anything!) from that day. We’re thinking this will be a bit of fun, nothing too serious, and won’t be too much pressure — I anticipate that on many days, it might seriously just be a little thing – such as a quick, tiny scribble of something funny I saw that day, and a 5-second video of us walking on a pretty street. Really, something as simple as that.

We arrive in the States on 16 August, late evening, so hopefully we can start the challenge then and it might be a little thing we upload from our long plane journey (haha). If not, it will start on 17 August (and we’ll be seeing Blink-182 that night – exciting!)

Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions! We’ve set up two categories for the daily challenges posts: “Draw a Day” and “Vid a Day” — hopefully these categories will go to plan and make it easier to search and look at what will hopefully be a fair amount of content once we’re a few weeks into the trip!

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