Birthday wishes and saying goodbye to Singapore

Two days until we leave for our trip! And we can finally get really excited about our trip as we have packed up and sent our very full boxes back to Australia.


Exhaustion, but the boxes are finally packed!

Now, to work on packing for almost 3-months away! Yesterday, we also sorted out a few important things for the Japan leg of our trip – namely, our JR Passes, Disney tickets and SIM cards!

But first, we wanted to wish a very happy birthday to Michael’s father – Steve – who visited us in Singapore recently, along with Michael’s mum and brother. This is the first of Michael’s short video clips (hopefully you will see more once our adventure starts).

Background to this clip – a few years ago when Michael’s parents last visited, they went to go and see the Merlion. However at the time, the Merlion was covered up for maintenance works, which was quite disappointing. So this time around, Steve made it a point to go to see the Merlion again. Lo and behold, there it is – covered up again! Frustration ensues.

We thought this was perfect as our goodbye to Singapore haha all the joys, good times, and much frustration you have given us (recently, we have battled with a lot of idiots silly people on CarouHell Carousell*).  Thanks for the good times but onward to our adventure and next journey!

For now, enjoy the short clip and look out for updates from the great US of A!


*Carousell is an online marketplace in Singapore where we’ve been selling our furniture etc!

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