Daily Challenge: Day 3

21 August 2016


30 Rock!

Today, we went on a tour of the NBC studios (http://www.thetouratnbcstudios.com/) in 30 Rockefeller Plaza (“30 Rock”) and it was fantastic! As we went on a weekend, we were able to go and have a look at Jimmy Fallon’s studio, which was really cool (as they would likely be rehearsing, preparing to film, etc on a week day). A definite highlight though was seeing the SNL stage. Definitely wish we could be in a studio audience for any of these shows, however, we did try — Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers tickets were gone almost instantly when released, and SNL aren’t back in filming until October. Those tickets are even harder to get apparently! If you aren’t one of the lucky few to get tix, we definitely recommend the NBC tour – it was really interesting to see all the behind-the-scenes, as well as learn about the history of these studios (NBC studios started operations in the early 1930s). And our initial impression of seeing the studios (apart from “OMG COOL”)… it’s much like seeing celebrities in the flesh: “they’re so much smaller in real life…” Haha.

Well, here is our drawing and video for today!

Mine isn’t the most creative today – just a quick sketch of the NBC Studio Tour metal badges that they gave us (and we got to keep!)


And Michael’s video is of the very cool Lego store in Rockefeller Centre – across from 30 Rock. Enjoy!

(If the above video doesn’t play, please click here).

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