Daily Challenge: Day 4

22 August 2016


We started the day a bit late but went to Levain Bakery on the Upper West Side to buy some cookies. The cookies were amazing – drool.

From there, we enjoyed some late brekkie plus cookies in Central Park nearby, before making our way to the American Natural History Museum (yes, the one from “Night at the Museum”), and spent a lovely few hours exploring the museum. I’m really not a fan of taxidermied animals at all, thus seeing so many of those were a bit uncomfortable for me, but I appreciate the art of how they were created and especially how impressive they are to many. We really enjoyed the dinosaur exhibits though – wow! Especially the Titanosaur – a 122-foot-long dinosaur!


With a T-Rex

Here is my drawing for today – it is a Sea Lion that I spotted in one of the exhibits. Yes, I know it’s a bit odd to not like taxidermy animals yet decide to draw one, but for a moment, I imagined it in motion as it would be if alive.


After the Museum, we went exploring and had a look at the exterior of the gorgeous New York Public Library. Michael’s daily video is from there:

(If the above video doesn’t play, please click here).

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