Daily Challenge: Day 5

23 August 2016

Guess who we saw today!


We managed to cut out the hundreds of people from our photo haha


View of Manhattan from Liberty Island

And we had absolutely perfect weather – incredibly clear, blue skies, and a light breeze. Couldn’t be more perfect! We joined 1 million other tourists, cleared airport-level security checks, and off we went on the ferry to Liberty Island to see the Lady.

After taking hundreds of photos/ videos each, we joined the longest queue in history to get back on to a ferry that took us on to Ellis Island to see the Immigration Museum. As many of you know, Ellis Island was the entry point for millions of migrants entering America, where they sighted the Statue of Liberty and saw her as the symbol of hope and freedom.

We had a great time, and topped off the day by going back into Manhattan to see the Book of Mormon! Unbelievably good show.

Here is my drawing for today (not the most accurate, I know!):


And Michael’s video for today:

(If the video above doesn’t play, please click here)

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