Daily Challenge: Days 6 – 8

24, 25, and 26 August 2016

It’s been a hectic few days , hence the absence of our daily challenges — it was Michael’s birthday on the 25th of August, then after that, we were busy wrapping up our NYC stay to move on to Boston. So here is a big daily challenges post covering day 6 to 8!

We’re in Boston now and will do another big daily challenges update for when we leave Boston (tomorrow  night, we will start our journey to Washington, DC).

I am also planning to do a huge 10-day NYC recap, with day-by-day details of what we got up to, so please keep your eye out for that!

For now, here are our daily challenges that we’ve missed for NYC!

24 August 2016

We started the day early with breakfast in TriBeCa, catching up with an old friend from Sydney. From there, we went on to the live Hamilton lottery. It was amazing! We didn’t win tix but one of the girls who won, promptly fainted. From there, we had lunch in Central Park, went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), and finished the day by watching Fiddler on the Roof at Broadway Theatre.


The beautiful Met

Here’s my drawing from that day – it’s of a sphinx mould that I spotted amongst the Ancient Egypt exhibits at the Met.


And Michael’s video:

(If the above video doesn’t play, please click here).

25 August 2016

This was a special day as it was Michael’s birthday! And we had a great day in NYC celebrating. We started with lunch at Raclette (for the uninitiated, this video about Raclette NYC was heavily circulated on Facebook).

From there, we went to Top of the Rock (i.e. 30 Rockefeller Plaza) and enjoyed some amazing views of the city from 70 floors up.


Love the view of Central Park

We had tickets for a live taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It was a fantastic experience and we were so happy that the guests on the show were Rachel Weisz and Kevin Smith. We waited out the back for a bit after the show and….what happened there is the subject of Michael’s video below.

From there, we went to a fantastic dinner at Peter Luger’s Steakhouse (established in 1887)!

It was truly a memorable day and I dedicate my daily drawing to my wonderful husband, Michael.


And here is Michael’s daily video for his birthday. Amazing!

(If the above video doesn’t play, please click here).

26 August 2016

Almost there! Here is our catch-up daily update from our last day in NYC.

Our wonderful friend, Ruchi, took us to Coney Island!

We had a fun time walking around the boardwalk, going to the Coney Island museum (lots of quirky things), and eating at a pizza restaurant that the Food Network has crowned the best pizza in America (?!)


After that, we made the trip back to the city. Michael and I went on to have a look at the Empire State Building observatory. And to finish off our NYC trip, we went to see An Act of God, a new comedy play with Sean Hayes (of Will & Grace fame).

And here is my daily drawing — the Coney Island boardwalk!


And Michael’s video:

(If the above video doesn’t play, please click here).


If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. And as mentioned above, please keep a look out for our Boston updates, as well as my full recap of our 10-days in NYC!


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