New Orleans – 11 to 14 September

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Ok, ok, as many of you predicted, keeping up with the daily challenges has definitely been a challenge… hence the long silence from us. Since our last update, we’ve been to Boston, Washington DC, and Orlando. We will do a whole bunch of catch-up posts (in fact, I drafted a Boston and Washington DC catch-up post almost 2 weeks ago and still haven’t finished it! DisneyWorld was just too good at taking ALL of my attention).

I’m currently writing from Houston, Texas. We arrived into Houston tonight after a long drive – thanks to some road closures, huge delays and traffic, the journey took 2 hours longer than expected! But we’re here now, full of Texan dinner and beer.

Since we haven’t had much time to put together our videos and drawings, I thought I’d at least update with some pictures from our New Orleans trip. For future posts, we will try to include at least 1 drawing and 1 video in each entry. Let’s see how we go with that!

Day 1

We flew into New Orleans from Orlando, Florida, and picked up our rental car. Took a bit of time for me to even think about sitting in the passenger seat on the other side, but Michael picked up driving on the other side very quickly (thank goodness)!

We arrived at our airbnb – and it was so lovely!! Amazing place and we loved it here. It is located in the Marigny area, a short walk to the French Quarter.

From there, we walked to St. Roch Market (, for a bite to eat and I had Red Beans and Rice – yum yum!

We went for a stroll around the neighbourhood and I absolutely loved all of the colourful houses!

That evening, we went for drinks with our host, Jen, and two other guests – Paige from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Jeremy from Paris, France. We had a great time and arranged to have breakfast and visit the plantations with Paige and Jeremy the next day.

Day 2

We had breakfast at the very excellent New Orleans Cake Cafe and Bakery (, and I had my first experience of grits for breakfast! Surprisingly delicious, but I think that’s mainly from the delicious shrimps it was served with.


Of course, Michael has corned beef hash. Yum!

The plantations were about an hour drive away and the first one we went to was Oak Alley… wow! This is the familiar scene you may see often in various productions, and some of the iconic scenes of one of my favourite films – Interview with the Vampire – was filmed here.

We had a drive past Laura Plantation, and also a peek at Evergreen Plantation. We wanted to have a closer look at Evergreen but unfortunately they closed quite early. Parts of Django Unchained was filmed at Evergreen. Here’s a sneaky pic I took:


For late lunch, we hunted down a hole in the wall shop called Jenny’s Overstuffed Po Boy’s ( that served fried chicken, po boys and other assorted Southern favourites. From what we overheard, the fried chicken is the “best in the universe.” Michael was close to agreeing!

After a nice afternoon nap, we feasted at Brennan’s (, the home of the original Banana’s Foster. No pics as it doesn’t photograph well, but it was really delicious.

Day 3

Our final full day in New Orleans was reserved for exploring the French Quarter! Armed with an amazing list of recommendations from my wonderful friend Brittany, we walked, and walked, ate and ate. Starting with pralines… then beignets from the very famous Cafe du Monde (


Beignets and Orange Juice

We walked on Bourbon street, then lunched at Deanie’s ( – I had gumbo, and Crawfish Étouffée; and Michael had blackened fish. For starters, instead of serving traditional bread, they served little potatoes that had been boiled in seafood broth…wow!

We kept walking (and walking off the lunch), had a quick look at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum (, and generally admired the buildings in the French Quarter…

…Then had a look at LaLaurie Mansion (…


Beautiful, and unassuming…until you read the history

We finished up our day with drinks at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar (, said to be the oldest bar in the USA, serving drinks since the 1700s… apparently one of the most haunted places too, so good thing we were drinking during the day time!

Well, I end this New Orleans post with a very Southern sight…


That’s right… all the alligator heads you could ever want to buy…

Cheerio! Tomorrow, we drive on to San Antonio!

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